Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It: Teacher Toolbox

I finally have a teacher toolbox...I think this means I am a real teacher now ;)

I was so inspired to make my own toolbox after reading Tessa Maguire's (Tales from Outside the Classroom) post yesterday. I loved that her {free!} labels are editable in Powerpoint, and most of all...super cute black and white chevron! If you click on the link, you can read her post and download her labels from TpT.

I found this little beauty at Walmart for $13. I really liked the smaller size for the "essentials" - yes, "treats" and "flair pens" seem like essentials to me!

I edited the slides in Powerpoint, then copy+pasted them into a new document so I could just print off my two slides and not the whole thing.
The awesome thing about editing these labels is that you can make your text any color.
I chose just to do black and keep it simple...but I used two of my favorite KG fonts (Eyes Wide Open for the small labels and Always A Good Time for the big ones)

After printing, I laminated the labels as one whole sheet, cut them out, and attached them to the inside of the cubbies with scotch tape!

Speaking of laminating (Ha - I've probably said that more often than the average person), this article "20 Things That Happen When Your Mom is a Teacher" made me smile, not only because:

1) My mom is a first-grade teacher (hi Mom! My mom was my first blog reader and I am going to help her make one of her own soon)
2) #9 of this article: "Laminating is one of her passions (… and probably one of yours as well)" is SO TRUE.
I can safely say that laminating is one of my hobbies.

I will leave you with one more picture of my toolbox. I can't stop staring at it.

I am linking up with Monday Made It over at 4th Grade Frolics!

Anyone else whose parent is a teacher and therefore inherited a deep love of laminating?


  1. My Mom is a pre-school teacher and laminates everything! Love the idea of a teacher tool0box!

    The Math Maniac

    1. Haha - everything definitely lasts longer that way!

  2. I am retired, and Autumn is the teacher in the family now. She doesn't know but I have her a toolbox from the resale shop that I am trying to fit in my suitcase to take to her. I will have to make labels there and laminate. Thanks for letting me know who's you used.

  3. That toolbox turned out so cute! About how big is it?

    I feel like I am the only soon to be teacher who has never laminated anything! Im jel! haha

    Surprisingly Seventh

    1. Thank you! It's about 10 inches wide and 9 inches tall. I have a little Scotch personal laminator...I asked for it for my birthday last year :) haha

  4. I love how this was both of our Monday Made It's. Your box turned out so cute! I love the Chevron. I followed your blog, I'm excited to read about your journey. I teach 4th and 5th grade talented and gifted, but I have a feeling that I may be able to borrow some stuff from you. Hope you have an excellent first year and thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. Thank you, Stacy! I am following you now too :) I'm glad you'll be able to borrow some of my ideas!

  5. It looks great - I love the simple black and white - very classy!
    Glad I stumbled across your blog - I'm a new follower!
    Growing Little Learners