Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coordinate Adjective Fun

Okay, so I wouldn't have thought to put "coordinate adjective" and "fun" in a sentence together until today. As an ELA teacher, I am more easily excited about grammar than most people, but sometimes it can be..........boring. I said it!

Realistically, every single grammar lesson cannot be fun and games. However, I do try to incorporate some sort of activity or game into our grammar learning to prevent my students (and myself, honestly) from becoming bored.

In our current unit, we are working on coordinate adjectives. Just in case you are too, here are a few resources I used:

1) this quick intro video

2) This worksheet (I projected it for students to use as independent practice)

 And this activity:

I gave each student an index card and gave them one minute to draw something. I timed it to add a little to the excitement and make the drawings a little more difficult to interpret.

I had to tease some of the students that it took them one whole minute to draw some of these masterpieces ;)

After one minute, I collected the index cards and then distributed them randomly.

Students then had to write a coordinate adjective sentence describing the picture.

I projected different examples under my Elmo when the students were done - they laughed seeing what people had come up with for their picture, and there were some pretty funny interpretations.

I can see myself doing something like this for other objectives...maybe having students draw a picture and then having someone else write a sentence using figurative language (we are working on that standard too!)

Would you use this acitivity in your classroom? Have you done something similar?

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