Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MIA Blogger Confessions

1) It has taken me five minutes to write this first sentence. 

2) It has been so long since I last blogged that I first attempted to start a new post by opening up a "new email" message.

3) Teaching is hard.

4) I know that what I do matters. That makes it awesome and even more hard.

5) I told my mom that I would write a blog post so now I have to. It is possible that she will be the only one reading this post. Hi, Mom!

6) After reading this fantastic book, I planned out enough of my time to not have to go into school on weekends for the past month. Major win!!! Working less made me less bitter/stressed and helped me relax so much more.
This is definitely one of those books I need to read again (and probably again) but so far I would call myself a "mostly-together" teacher :)
Two of my major takeaways from the book are scheduling to-do's and using one "weekly worksheet" for everything!

Has anyone else read this? What did you find most helpful?

7) I am going to really really try to post more often. If I was really a "together teacher" I would schedule time to write blog posts. I want to share more about what I am doing in the classroom...make more products...connect with more teachers. One step at a time :) First of all, I need to blog more often that every two months!

8) I will leave you with this hilarious article. It takes "stock photos" of teachers and has comments about teaching that I can only assume came right from a teacher. I love all of the apple references and #21 made me laugh out loud.

Because this is what our lives look like every day, right?


  1. You are by far the most together first-year I know! I am glad you are no longer have a lot to offer! Can't wait to see some pictures and new products.

  2. Your mom is definitely not your only reader, so welcome back! :) Honestly, I don't think any of us can blame you for going MIA as a first-year teacher. It's overwhelming enough without having to worry about blogging on top of everything else. As for creating products, I would advise that you make what works for you in your classroom and then sell those things. Don't worry so much about making everything cute and marketable. If it works for you, it will probably work for others too. This is something I try to remind myself as well!