Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It - Spray Paint Edition

I mentioned last Friday that not only am I setting up my first classroom, but I am moving into a new apartment this Saturday! Eeek!

This Monday Made it is "Apartment Edition...Starring Spray Paint!" I have seen some awesome re-do's for the classroom with just a can of spray paint. I have a few classroom projects too but those aren't quite as done as these are.

1) I bought this gold framed mirror for $7 - I knew it had some greater potential :)

And...the finished product!

2) I also gave this tray a little makeover - it was printed before and just didn't quite match what I had in mind for my living room :)

Here's what it looks like after a spray paint facelift and a piece of scrapbook paper!

3) Okay, okay...this doesn't count as a "made it" but I'm going to call it a "Monday Found It"...because sometimes for me half the battle is making a decision...especially when it comes to something as important as fabric ;)

Even though I am teaching middle school, I want to add some homey touches to my room...for both the students and myself! I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby - perfect for a neon and black room :)

Eventually (I hope) I will be making curtains and I'll share the finished product then. There are some "no-sew" curtains out there that look very easy :)
Look at this one! All you need is a hot glue gun!

I am off to pack, pack, pack, browse TpT and Pinterest for hours on end, and pack some more!


  1. Love the color of the mirror! Turned out great, as did the tray! And the fabric is perfect!

  2. The tray looks amazing now - great job and I love the colour!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Love that mirror! I would love to find something cute like that to re-do!