Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What I Laminated...

I wasn't kidding about showing off what I laminated!

I love you too.

Anyways...I wanted you to see products I am using for sure in my classroom, and my plans for them! Some of these are freebies, and all of them are great deals...especially during the TpT sale! :)

Kagan Team Labels
I learned about the Kagan grouping strategies last week (now, I wasn't "formally" trained...aka there wasn't an official Kagan representative there...but I got a very good gist!) and I knew I wanted to do something similar. It is so important to me that all students are responding in some way every day. No more hiding in the back of the room and not participating. Mwahaha!
I have to admit, I was sometimes that "shy" student who knew the answer but didn't want to be a show-off. Another reason why I love cooperative learning - everyone has an equal turn and it's important they they are part of the group! Whew - I have lots to say about this. Another post, another day...

I'm thinking I'll tape these down to desks and I will easily be able to call groups such as "Team 4", or "Same color A's" or "2A's and 4A's" to get together during guided practice/checking for understanding.

And, I printed these on neon paper so you know I am just in love with them.

Get these awesome cards (there are a few variations at Melissa Gill's store, so peek around!) here

P.s. if you're wondering why mine look different...I just cut off the scallop border. I wanted them a little smaller and not cutting out each scallop/the possibility of them being uneven made me too OCD-nervous.
Oh, and I love that there are 32 cards in the set! 

Back to School "Insta-Style"
What middle schooler doesn't love instagram? I'm planning to use these during the first week of school as practice for the workshop model. Ideally, I will be teaching procedures and learning about the students at the same time :) oh, and they'll be having fun too! I am still deciding exactly how I will do this - maybe we will also practice a "write around" - where students share around in groups and one student from the group shares out. 
I'm also thinking that these would make a cute student work display! Oh the possibilities...

I was extra lucky and downloaded it when it was a freebie, but there is a set with 33 task cards! I think it's worth it, these are so fun!

Getting to Know You Quiz-Quiz-Trade
After learning about Kagan collaborative group structures last week at my new teacher orientation, I was SO excited to find these. Not only will students get to know each other better, but they will be practicing the quiz-quiz-trade format which I plan to use often :) win-win!

Get this awesome (and cute!) freebie here
I printed these on neon green paper :)

Plot Task Cards
I won't be using these the very first week, but Unit 1 is all about Plot, Character, and Setting (my school uses Holt Lit). So, these will be used (during workshop again!) within the first month of school for sure. I love that there is an option to respond on the back of the card - students could use dry erase or vis-a-vis (instantly more fun) to show the elements of plot.

Find these task cards (and worksheet format, too!) here

Does anyone else use Kagan collaborative group structures in their class? I would love to learn more from teachers who have used it before!

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